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Surface coating

Made in Germany

Fine Colour Variations, Natural Decorations

Subtly suggested layerings and the natural colour variations are reminiscent of the unique character of real sandstone. Strip-shaped mosaics in various sizes and cutting directions underline the close-to-nature overall impression.

Range of products Sierra

229659*/** Mosaic
porcelain stoneware, anthracite
30 x 30 cm

221379*/** Mosaic
porcelain stoneware, light-grey
30 x 30 cm

221380*/** Mosaic
porcelain stoneware, light-beige
30 x 30 cm

221381*/** Mosaic
porcelain stoneware, white
30 x 30 cm
Proposal for borders design: five borders can be taken from one mosaic sheet according to the enclosed sketch = 1.5 lin. m.

059800*/**/*** Floor/wall tile
porcelain stoneware, light-grey, R9
30 x 60 cm
without ill.:
059703*/**/*** anthracite, R9
059801*/**/*** light-beige, R9
059805*/**/*** white, R9

059003*/** Floor/wall tile
porcelain stoneware, light-grey, R9
30 x 30 cm
without ill.:
059001*/** anthracite, R9
059002*/** light-beige, R9
059005*/** white, R9

433102*/** Mosaic
porcelain stoneware, light-grey, R9
5 x 5 cm

433101*/** anthracite, R9

433109*/** light-beige, R9

433110*/** white, R9

059811*/**/*** Stair tile with grooves
porcelain stoneware, light-grey, R9
30 x 60 cm
without ill.:
050439*/**/*** anthracite, R9
059812*/**/*** light-beige, R9
059815*/**/*** white, R9

059813*/**/*** Skirting, rounded
porcelain stoneware, light-grey
7 x 60 cm
without ill.:
059741*/**/*** anthracite
059814*/**/*** light-beige
059816*/**/*** white

* This tile does not have a HT coating as an item in a series with HT coating.

** This tile in a series is provided with Protecta upgrading.

*** This tile is rectified, i. e. it can be laid with particularly narrow joints.

**** This ceramic tile has ground edges, i.e. it can be laid in very tight joints while retaining the advantages of rounded edges (hygienic, resilient, easy to lay).

R9, R10, R11 Tiles marked in this way have the respective slip-resistance class.