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Made in Germany

Variety of overall design

Oxyd is entirely dedicated to traditional craftsmanship: clay containing iron oxide fired in an open firing zone lends each split tile a unique character for a diversified interplay of colours on walls and floors, both indoors and outdoors. To this aim, various formats – 12.5 x 12.5 cm, 12.5 x 25 cm or 25 x 25 cm – as well as strip tiles, skirting, nosing tiles and corner pieces are available. The rich colour range reflecting earth, stone and sand can be found in the five colours of white, taupe, ochre, anthracite and black.

Range of products Oxyd

white flamed
taupe flamed
ochre flamed
anthracite flamed

9113-1200 Wall/Floor tile
anthracite flamed
12,5 x 12,5 cm
without ill.:
9110-1200 white flamed
9111-1200 taupe flamed
9112-1200 ochre flamed
9114-1200 black

9113-1100 Wall/Floor tile
anthracite flamed
12,5 x 25 cm
without ill.:
9110-1100 white flamed
9111-1100 taupe flamed
9112-1100 ochre flamed
9114-1100 black

9113-2120 Strip tile
anthracite flamed
6,2 x 25 cm
without ill.:
9110-2120 white flamed
9111-2120 taupe flamed
9112-2120 ochre flamed
9114-2120 black

9113-1620 Wall/Floor tile
anthracite flamed
12,5 x 25 cm
without ill.:
9110-1620 white flamed
9111-1620 taupe flamed
9112-1620 ochre flamed
9114-1620 black

9113-2110 Strip tile
anthracite flamed
8,3 x 25 cm
without ill.:
9110-2110 white flamed
9111-2110 taupe flamed
9112-2110 ochre flamed
9114-2110 black

9113-9066 Skirting, rounded
anthracite flamed
8,3 x 25 cm
without ill.:
9110-9066 white flamed
9111-9066 taupe flamed
9112-9066 ochre flamed
9114-9066 black

9113-2531 Corner piece
anthracite flamed
52 * 240/115 x 11 mm
without ill.:
9110-2531 white flamed
9111-2531 taupe flamed
9112-2531 ochre flamed
9114-2531 black

9113-4822 Nosing tile
anthracite flamed
12,5 x 25 cm
without ill.:
9110-4822 white flamed
9111-4822 taupe flamed
9112-4822 ochre flamed
9114-4822 black

9113-2541 Corner piece
anthracite flamed
73 x 240/115 x 11 mm
without ill.:
9110-2541 white flamed
9111-2541 taupe flamed
9112-2541 ochre flamed
9114-2541 black
Floor and wall coverings in indoor and outdoor areas (split tiles)

9113 anthracite flamed

9111 taupe flamed

9112 ochre flamed

9110 white flamed

9114 black

* This tile does not have a HT coating as an item in a series with HT coating.

** This tile in a series is provided with Protecta upgrading.

*** This tile is rectified, i. e. it can be laid with particularly narrow joints.

**** This ceramic tile has ground edges, i.e. it can be laid in very tight joints while retaining the advantages of rounded edges (hygienic, resilient, easy to lay).

R9, R10, R11 Tiles marked in this way have the respective slip-resistance class.