Thermal Insulation Composite System (TICS)
Heat Insulation Composite System
Hotel Metropol / Portoroz, Slovenia

Hotel Metropol / Portoroz, Slovenia

Sophisticated technique.

Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (TICS) help to considerably reduce the energy costs and are also successfully used at the renovation of old buildings. Ceramic coverings present themselves as an ideal terminal layer on outside walls. They can be laid without any problems, protect the facade against atmospheric influences and open up varied aesthetic design possibilities in addition.

Proven for thousands of years.

Especially in the field of facades, ceramics, one of the oldest building materials of the world, shows its decisive advantages: the material which has proved for thousands of years is frostproof, colour- and lightfast, easy to clean, particularly durable and thus economical. Ceramics is non-combustible and does not develop toxic gases even in the case of fire at extremely high temperatures. Its superiority also becomes apparent in the facade areas exposed to impacts and soiling, because ceramics is by far more resistant than plaster and particularly easy to clean.

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