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2017 novelty: floor tile series with natural vintage character
Driftwood: Upcycling in modern style

Products made of driftwood bring back memories of relaxed vacation days and correspond to the current “Upcycling“ trend. The new floor tile collection Driftwood of Agrob Buchtal also interprets the design of weathered wood, which is floating on the water and washed ashore by the wind, the tides or the current. The series is characterized by a great diversity of patterns and structures and thus is perfectly suitable for the consistent and varied laying in all private living areas or in design-oriented public applications.


2017 novelty: varied application possibilities in private areas
Lunar: Play with expressive surface details

Concrete and cement looks, elegantly incorporated stripes as well as a delicately shimmering gloss are the characteristics of the new porcelain stoneware series Lunar. Multi-stage, sophisticated process steps form the basis for this elaborate design. Agrob Buchtal transfers the distinctive look created in this way to the ceramic tiles by means of a complex and innovative digital printing technique, and after that, the tiles are fired as usual. The result is an extraordinary design which provides a characterful setting for private living and entrance areas as well as modern bathrooms with its striking expressiveness.


2017 novelty: floor tile collection of Agrob Buchtal
Savona: Natural stone look and timeless ceramic modernity

Various types of rock from the “Cinque Terre“, an approximately 12 kilometres long coastal strip of the Italian Riviera in the region of Liguria, were mixed up for the tile series Savona to create a new look. Limestones, granites and cement as basic materials complement one another with their coarse-grained texture and smooth layers to form a vivid ensemble. Thanks to the wide colour range in different slip resistances, the new floor tile series of Agrob Buchtal permits the realization of generous comprehensive concepts in diverse areas of application.


2017 novelty: tile series for project and shop construction
Streetlife: the ceramic interpretation of asphalt

Agrob Buchtal’s new floor tile collection Streetlife was inspired by a material mix particularly interesting in terms of design: asphalt. Its typical features such as granular structures, slight irregularities and crack textures were the inspiration for a timeless and distinctive floor covering. With a thickness of 10.5 millimetres, it was developed especially for public applications. No matter whether in hotels and representative entrance areas, in shops, in office buildings or schools - Streetlife provides an attractive basis for most diverse styles with generous formats and a design full of character.


“Stiftung Vivendra“ at Dielsdorf / Switzerland proves it: one can…
Preserve the past and build the future

Learning, living, working - these are the three words which accurately describe “Stiftung Vivendra”. The establishment was founded in 1965 by a parents’ association as “Stiftung Schulheim Dielsdorf für cerebral Gelähmte“ (facility for cerebrally paralyzed persons). In 1970, the Dielsdorf location with a remedial pedagogic school, a boarding school, therapies and a home for adults was opened. In 2011, the name was changed into “Stiftung Vivendra“. This did not affect the objective of the institution, namely the care for cerebrally (“concer-ning the cerebrum“) handicapped persons of every age - from the baby in the integrative day-care facility for children to the group home for old people. Today, the organization is operating at four localities in the Zurich region. The facades of the nucleus of the foundation at Dielsdorf have been extensively renovated recently. The result is impressive because of durable and future-oriented solutions, but preserving the architectural roots at the same time.