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How products are showcased

Pleasure in natural raw materials and a love of baking – core competencies which are inextricably linked with the baking trade. Even nowadays when the classic bakery has long become a modern company with many culinary offers. A key role is played by the shop design which puts this traditional craft in the right light.


Intermediate floor with ceramic covering
Sentinel Haus Institut confirms VOC safety

Ceramic tiles with HT coating applied in-plant of AGROB BUCHTAL and JASBA (brands of DEUTSCHE STEINZEUG CREMER & BREUER AG) are beyond doubt with regard to healthy living and indoor air quality. This is confirmed by a differentiated examination conducted by the renowned Sentinel Haus Institut (Freiburg). TÜV (Technical Inspection Authority) Rheinland LGA Products GmbH, Nuremberg, acted as analytical laboratory. The focus of the examination was on emitting volatile organic compounds (VOC = Volatile Organic Compounds) and formaldehyde.


Newcomer competition for architects and interior designers
AGROB BUCHTAL Tile Award: Creativity with ceramic

The TILE AWARD is aligned towards young architects / interior designers up to 35 years and is a conceptual experimental competition initiated by AGROB BUCHTAL. The response to the première in 2010 was so great that the competition was continued in 2012 and for the third time in 2014. Visual publication of the prize winners took place in the second quarter of 2015.


Interview Rasmus Wærn (Wingårdh Arkitektkontor AB, Sweden)
(held during internationl trade show BAU 2015 in Munich at the AGROB BUCHTAL booth)

You are intensively dealing with building history and theoretical subjects of architecture, lecturing at universities, giving speeches, organizing exhibitions, writing books, but you are also working as an architect at the Wingårhs office in Stockholm. Which tasks are you performing there?


FLIESEN & PLATTEN readers' choice "2014 Product of the Year"
AGROB BUCHTAL on the top step of the winners' podium

Four years ago, the German trade magazine FLIESEN & PLATTEN first called on its readers to vote on the 2011 Product of the Year. In the Tiles category, AGROB BUCHTAL took second place that year with its XENO Series (KATO décor) only succumbing to the HOMING Series by its sister brand JASBA which therefore represented the overall winner. But this time around, AGROB BUCHTAL secured first place with its TWIN Series.