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BAU 2017, Munich
The fascination of (facade) ceramics - staged by Hadi Teherani Design

Ceramics is one of the oldest materials at all and has accompanied mankind for millennia, for example in the form of tiles. Thus, similar to dishes, vessels, ornaments or sculptures made of ceramics, they are cultural goods which also have always been used as means of expression by different civilizations. This is no wonder, because ceramics is an honest and authentic material made of natural components, which has retained its archaic, original character until today, but at the same time is impressive thanks to its inexhaustible development potential. In the centre of the AGROB BUCHTAL stand, an interactive presentation setting designed by the renowned creative think tank Hadi Teherani Design (Hamburg) conveyed this fascination.


BAU 2017 Munich
Ceramic solutions for the supreme discipline of architecture: facades

Building shells are visible around the clock and lend our towns/cities and landscapes their characteristic look. That is why this demanding sector is considered as supreme discipline of architecture. Ceramics is an attractive solution for this, as it permits individual and representative results. This subject took centre stage in the true sense of the word at this year’s fair presentation of AGROB BUCHTAL: structures at a realistic scale with curtain-type, rear-ventilated ceramic systems visualized current developments from the aesthetic and the technical point of view. Especially the more and more sophisticated possibilities of ceramic digital printing open up interesting design options in conjunction with new versions of the fastening system KeraTwin K20.


ROOM 2525®: The patient room of the future

More than two years of research and development have led to the ROOM 2525®, a patient room full of innovations and technical highlights. It combines modern design, an atmosphere of well-being and patient friendliness with barrier-free accessibility, most elevated hygienic requirements and optimal conditions for medical and health care. Intelligent lighting and acoustic concepts, digital interconnection and environmental compatibility also set a new standard in hospital treatment and care. In spring of 2016, the ROOM 2525® was publicly presented for the first time in the Asklepios clinic St. Wolfgang at Bad Griesbach in Lower Bavaria.


BAU 2017 (novelty 2017): floor tile series with natural vintage character
Driftwood: Upcycling in modern style

Products made of driftwood bring back memories of relaxed vacation days and correspond to the current “Upcycling“ trend. The new floor tile collection Driftwood of Agrob Buchtal also interprets the design of weathered wood, which is floating on the water and washed ashore by the wind, the tides or the current. The series is characterized by a great diversity of patterns and structures and thus is perfectly suitable for the consistent and varied laying in all private living areas or in design-oriented public applications.


BAU 2017 (novelty 2017): floor tile collection of Agrob Buchtal
Savona: Natural stone look and timeless ceramic modernity

Various types of rock from the “Cinque Terre“, an approximately 12 kilometres long coastal strip of the Italian Riviera in the region of Liguria, were mixed up for the tile series Savona to create a new look. Limestones, granites and cement as basic materials complement one another with their coarse-grained texture and smooth layers to form a vivid ensemble. Thanks to the wide colour range in different slip resistances, the new floor tile series of Agrob Buchtal permits the realization of generous comprehensive concepts in diverse areas of application.