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Orchard Hotel in Nottingham / Great Britain
Building in harmony with nature and the landscape

During the entire planning process, the architects were plagued by the feeling that it "is such a shame to have this wonderful landscape marred by a new building". So they realised a hotel which is equally distinctive and respectfully integrated in the parkland campus of the University of Nottingham with a particular role being played by the use of renewable energy and natural building materials such as façade ceramics supplied by AGROB BUCHTAL.


Euroshop 2014: Hall 10 / Stand G64
AGROB BUCHTAL: contemporary design with innovative ceramics

As a renowned and international supplier of architectural ceramics, the Euroshop will see AGROB BUCHTAL present an expansion to its EMOTION slip-resistance concept in the form of a comprehensive tile series with system character. The innovative exhibition architecture at stand G64 in Hall 10 features sculptural stalagmites with an elegant ceramic tile covering. These emerge from the floor aiming to converge with lightweight textile and backlit stalactites suspended from the ceiling.

On an area covering almost 50 square metres, these stringently cubic objects form practical furnishings such as seating areas, side and lounge tables as well as a counter at which visitors to the trade fair can obtain information on new products offered by AGROB BUCHTAL. The design for this unusual exhibition stand is the result of the TILE AWARD and originates from the young interior designer Lea Bohm at the renowned JOI-Design agency in Hamburg.


Euroshop 2014: Sustainable shop design with ceramic tiles
AGROB BUCHTAL: competent partner in connection with building certifications

The word "sustainability" is regularly used as a pithy catchword or reduced to mere energy efficiency and/or environmental protection. By taking a differentiated look however, it is apparent that this concept not only concerns ecological and economic aspects but also socio-cultural aspects such as health, safety (e.g. in the form of fire protection), reliability or functionality. The aim therefore is to fill this issue with life from a "human sense". As an ambitious supplier of architectural ceramics, AGROB BUCHTAL does this in the form of specific information as a valuable basis for building certifications which apply as specific benchmarks for sustainability – an issue which is also dramatically gaining in significance in the area of shop design. Accordingly, planners, lessees and lessors of shops are not only interested in the appearance of a shop as a stage for presenting goods but are also increasingly considering the sustainability and environmental characteristics of the materials used. Ceramic tiles offer convincing arguments in this respect: entirely manufactured from natural raw materials, they neither emanate nor absorb odours and are harmless for people, animals, plants and the environment.


Architects’ Darling Awards 2013
AGROB BUCHTAL once again an “architects’ darling“

As leading German provider of information services in the building sector, Heinze GmbH chose the “architects’ darlings“ in 24 categories in 2013 again. The basis for this was the biggest opinion poll of this type throughout Germany, at which a representative cross section of approximately 2000 architects and planners had voted in order to name the building materials suppliers with which they preferably co-operate and which they consider to be particularly competent.


Peter Regli, ceramics, art and ability…

Art in architecture is an important means of culture promotion. It offers creative persons the possibility of realizing projects in the architectural context outside of museums. Ceramics and art play a significant part in this connection and have inseparably belonged together for thousands of years. The aesthetic and functional advantages of this versatile material permit creative works which are eye-catchers for generations.