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17th Swimming World Championships (14th - 30th July 2017)
Duna Aréna, Budapest: New water sports cathedral for the best of the world

Major sporting events such as Olympic Games or world championships are fascinating people all around the globe. This also applies to the 17th Swimming World Championships (WC), which are organized by the FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation, CH-Lausanne) and take place in the second half of July 2017 in the Hungarian capital Budapest. This location is predestined in so far as Hungary is well-known and famous for first-class thermal baths and a high bathing culture. The close relation to the basic element of water is also reflected in the fact that this country frequently comes up with top performances in swimming, and even the first Olympic champion of the modern age, Alfréd Hajós, was a Hungarian. Accordingly great is the significance of this year’s swimming WC. The Duna Aréna (Engl. “Danube Arena“) as main competition site is impressive because of its special position, striking architecture and pools in a class of their own. Ceramic tiles “Made in Germany” of the brand AGROB BUCHTAL play a central part in this connection.


Restaurant Augusta in Göttingen
Agrob Buchtal tiles are convincing gourmet chef and guests

First used as potato storage cellar of Germany’s oldest refectory, then a jazz club, later a disco bar, and today the third business pillar of the star-rated gourmet chef Daniel Raub: the renovation of this 200 square metres large cellar vault required great sensitivity. Architectural and engineering ingenuity went hand in hand with interior design aspects. The materials used not only had to be suitable for giving the historically valuable basic structure of the building the right setting, but also resistant to the extreme stress to which they are exposed in gastronomic establishments. That is why ceramic tiles of the brand Agrob Buchtal were used for the floor of the new restaurant Augusta in the “Alte Mensa” (old refectory) in Göttingen.


Sports, leisure and swimming complex Svetice at Zagreb / Croatia
Architectural statement thanks to systematic diversity

Not least thanks to picturesque coasts and the Mediterranean climate, water sports are very popular in Croatia. After the economic stagnation in the 1980s / 1990s and the phase of the political upheaval, there was a great backlog demand for appropriate infrastructure buildings for mass and professional sports. That is why new, modern sports swimming baths were built in almost all bigger cities of Croatia in the last years. A current and outstanding example is the sports, leisure and swimming complex Svetice in direct proximity to the Maksimir Park in the eastern part of the centre of the capital Zagreb. There, an architectural statement has been created which is impressive because of its great diversity of utilization, filigree look and design consistency.


BAU 2017, Munich
The fascination of (facade) ceramics - staged by Hadi Teherani Design

Ceramics is one of the oldest materials at all and has accompanied mankind for millennia, for example in the form of tiles. Thus, similar to dishes, vessels, ornaments or sculptures made of ceramics, they are cultural goods which also have always been used as means of expression by different civilizations. This is no wonder, because ceramics is an honest and authentic material made of natural components, which has retained its archaic, original character until today, but at the same time is impressive thanks to its inexhaustible development potential. In the centre of the AGROB BUCHTAL stand, an interactive presentation setting designed by the renowned creative think tank Hadi Teherani Design (Hamburg) conveyed this fascination.


BAU 2017 Munich
Ceramic solutions for the supreme discipline of architecture: facades

Building shells are visible around the clock and lend our towns/cities and landscapes their characteristic look. That is why this demanding sector is considered as supreme discipline of architecture. Ceramics is an attractive solution for this, as it permits individual and representative results. This subject took centre stage in the true sense of the word at this year’s fair presentation of AGROB BUCHTAL: structures at a realistic scale with curtain-type, rear-ventilated ceramic systems visualized current developments from the aesthetic and the technical point of view. Especially the more and more sophisticated possibilities of ceramic digital printing open up interesting design options in conjunction with new versions of the fastening system KeraTwin K20.