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The story of success continues without interruption
AGROB BUCHTAL again wins iF product design awards

Design prizes are a valuable orientation aid and a benchmark for architects, dealers, consumers and manufacturers. That is why AGROB BUCHTAL is regularly participating in renowned competitions - and also regularly awarded coveted prizes. In the past years, more than 30 (!) highly esteemed prizes could be won. The most recent coup is the double success at the iF product design award 2012, which has been standing for superior design quality for almost six decades now and is awarded by a jury of international experts. The prize-winners were two new creations of AGROB BUCHTAL, which will be launched on the market in the 1st quarter of 2012.

EMOTION: creative functionality
The slip-resistance requirements that have to be met in work rooms and public areas frequently still are considered as an annoying evil, as they supposedly restrict the design freedom. The new series EMOTION solves this problem with a creative modular tile system. It consists of floor tiles in three slip-resistance categories (R9 / R10 / R11) with a natural, authentic look, corresponding wall tiles and the decoration elements SHADES and ROCKS. The format range is also varied and sophisticated: it extends from 30x30 to 30x60 and 60x60 up to the impressive dimensions of 45x90 cm. Accents are set by the strip formats of 10x60 and 15x60 cm or the mosaics in the sizes of 2.5x2.5 and 10x10 cm.

The source of inspiration for the floor tiles was Mother Nature in the form of slate from the small Ligurian town of Lavagna in the vicinity of Genoa/Italy. This distinctive, archaic type of rock has been quarried and processed there for centuries. The ceramic interpretation of this subject obviously convinced the jury, which appreciated it with the iF product design award 2012.

PATINA: the fascination of traces of time
In the case of this series, the name stands for the programme. Patina is developing as a result of natural or artificial weathering. Such surfaces having aged with dignity in the course of decades or even centuries radiate an inimitable charm and are highly fascinating - no matter whether in art or architecture. The new series PATINA picks up this subject by ceramically interpreting traces of wear. By applying prepared mineral mixtures in layers, structures grow together to form an organic surface. This effect is particularly attractive thanks to the generous formats of 60x120 and 30x120 cm. The perfect complement to that is the wall decoration element CRAQUELÉ. It condenses the initial subject of “traces of time” by the abstract representation of fine crack patterns in asphalt, stone or concrete. This idea and its subtle realization was also appreciated by the expert jury with the iF product design award 2012.

Serie Emotion
With EMOTION, AGROB BUCHTAL forges a link between functionality and emotion. Modular formats, natural colours, different slip-resistance categories and sophisticated decoration elements permit the combination of both worlds. The decoration element ROCKS is based on a relief structure which is partially laid bare by slight subsequent grinding with diamond wheels and generates attractive matt-glossy effects in this way   Surfaces with patina having aged with dignity are fascinating and radiate a quite particular charm. PATINA, the series of the same name, ceramically interprets this subject in a subtle manner. By applying prepared mineral mixtures in layers, structures organically grow together. The decoration element CRAQUELÈ condenses the initial subject of “traces of time” by the abstract representation of fine crack patterns as they are to be found in asphalt, stone or concrete.

Background information

The iF product design award is one of the most renowned competitions of this type and has been an internationally acknowledged trademark for 58 years now. It is awarded by a top-class expert jury. This time, it consisted of 44 experts from different culture groups and countries (among others, China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, USA). The chairman of the jury was Prof. Fritz Frenkler from f/p design GmbH, Munich. The number of submissions increased again: this year, almost 3,000 products in 16 categories competed for this design prize. The decisive criteria are e.g. design quality, processing, material selection, degree of innovation, ecological compatibility, functionality, visualization of use, brand value, safety as well as aspects of Universal Design.