Mounting Instructions
KeraTwin K20

Fastening by means of vertical system rail K20

Mounting instructions for KeraTwin® K20

Detail view

a profile butt joint of the vertical bearing profiles behind a panel is not allowed! See standard technical detail drawings.


The mounting of the basic substructure must be carried out according to project-specific, static calculation. The general approval Z-33.1-1175 of the construction supervisory authority serves as basis.

  • The profiles of the basic substructure have to be mounted perpendicularly and in a flush way.
  • The system rails have to be precisely aligned horizontally and fastened at the provided holes by means of screws or rivets.
  • The distance of the rails in horizontal direction must correspond to the longitudinal grid of the panels.
  • The length of the vertical profiles must be divisible by the height of the panel format and should not exceed the height of a storey of the building.


For further information, see the standard technical details of the system K20, which we will make available to you on request.