The whole range of products for modern swimming pool design from one supplier: the programme comprises high-quality tiles for pools and surrounds in an enormous variety of colors and formats. They combine high slip resistance with an aesthetic look. Technically sophisticated pool edge systems in functional design and intelligent special pieces offer future-oriented solutions for all types of swimming pools.

Pool Edge Systems

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Form Follows Function

AGROB BUCHTAL offers numerous pool edge systems for all types of swimming pools. A special development is the low-noise channel Wiesbaden Silent, which ensures perfect relaxation in swimming pools and wellness centres. The complex combination of the specially shaped low-noise channel, the arrangement of the cover gratings and an intelligent ventilation system in the outlet permits to reduce the measured noise by 10 decibels. The human ear perceives this difference like a halving of the noise level. With the Swimming Pool Special Programme of AGROB BUCHTAL, pools suitable for competitions and Olympic Games can be built in compliance with the FINA regulations.