Some changes have been made to the ChromaPlural system. Please note the applicable product range 2020 until our website has been updated.

Modular color systems have been developed for complex requirements in all fields of architectural ceramics. As a perfect synthesis of function and aesthetics, Emotion supports conclusive room concepts for functional and representative areas. With 50 colors matched to one another and 24 formats, ChromaPlural permits the varied and comprehensive design of wall and floor surfaces. Fresh and Loop offer particularly interesting colors and formats in the mosaic sector.


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Harmony of functionality and aesthetics.

With its discreetly modelled surface, which imitates natural stone and slate structures, Emotion creates a new kind of synthesis of functionality and aesthetics. This makes the series an ideal basis for comprehensive room concepts in which functional and representative areas appear as an integral whole with open transitions. The formats permitting varied combinations are available in the colours bronze, deep anthracite, mid-grey and light-beige as well as with high slip resistance when required. They are completed by the decorations Rocks and Shades.