The segment comprises a number of specialized products for diverse areas of application. The design spectrum extends from consistent functionality for industry and commerce to authentic ceramics for stylish public and private areas.

Special Ceramics

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KerAion Special Glazes for Operating Theatres

Made in Germany
KerAion Special Glazes for Operating Theatres

Ideal for wall coverings in rooms where lasers
are used such as e.g. operating theatres. These
products perfectly meet the requirements with
regard to diffusely reflecting surfaces: incident
laser beams are “split up”, thus preventing
uncontrolled reflection. This is confirmed by the
expert opinion of the Laser Medical Centre
Berlin and applies to the following types of
lasers normally used in medical applications:
• Argon – a typical visible laser
• Nd: YAG – a typical laser in the
close-infrared range
• Excimer – a typical UV-laser
• CO2 – a typical laser in the mid-infrared range
Special advantage of the large model size of
60 x 60 cm: reduced number of joints, therefore
easy to clean and hygienic. Perfect complement
for the floor: the static electricity conducting
panel ELA 10.6, also in model
size 60 x 60 cm.

The following series are also suitable:
• matt glazes of the series Chroma
• matt glazes of the series Plural
In the Technical Information
you find the following additional
information about this mono-coloured
• NCS Natural Colour System
• RAL Colour Chart
• Lightness Values