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Surface coating

Made in Germany

For a natural look and feel

Quarzit attributes entire living areas and bathrooms a natural and original atmosphere. Whether in basalt grey, quartz grey, sand beige, sepia brown or white grey –Hytect coated Quarzit tiles permit consistent and lively patterns across entire living areas: thanks to R10/A, R11/B and C(grid profile) non-slip grades as well as 10 different tile images. A wide variety of design options are provided by five formats – from 5.5 cm for bathroom mosaics through 25 x 50 cm to 60 x 60 cm (also patio tiles). The special granulate glaze represents a masterpiece giving rise to the stony look and feel, subtly shimmering and glossy points as well as a high degree of resistance to wear.

Range of products Quarzit

sand beige

8463-342030H*** Floor tile
porcelain stoneware, sepia-brown, R11/B
15 x 15 cm
without ill.:
8460-342030H*** basalt-grey, R11/B
8461-342030H*** quartz-grey, R11/B
8462-342030H*** sand beige, R11/B
8464-342030H*** white-grey, R11/B

8453-342550HK*** Floor tile
porcelain stoneware, sepia-brown, R10/A
25 x 50 cm
without ill.:
8450-342550HK*** basalt-grey, R10/A
8451-342550HK*** quartz-grey, R10/A
8452-342550HK*** sand beige, R10/A
8454-342550HK*** white-grey, R10/A
8460-342550HK*** basalt-grey, R11/B
8461-342550HK*** quartz-grey, R11/B
8462-342550HK*** sand beige, R11/B
8463-342550HK*** sepia-brown, R11/B
8464-342550HK*** white-grey, R11/B

8453-332050HK*** Floor tile
porcelain stoneware, sepia-brown, R10/A
25 x 25 cm
without ill.:
8450-332050HK*** basalt-grey, R10/A
8451-332050HK*** quartz-grey, R10/A
8452-332050HK*** sand beige, R10/A
8454-332050HK*** white-grey, R10/A
8460-332050HK*** basalt-grey, R11/B
8461-332050HK*** quartz-grey, R11/B
8462-332050HK*** sand beige, R11/B
8463-332050HK*** sepia-brown, R11/B
8464-332050HK*** white-grey, R11/B

8453-342557HK*** Skirting, cut
porcelain stoneware, sepia-brown
6 x 50 cm
without ill.:
8450-342557HK*** basalt-grey
8451-342557HK*** quartz-grey
8452-342557HK*** sand beige
8454-342557HK*** white-grey

8463-7161H*** Mosaic
porcelain stoneware, sepia-brown, R11/B
5 x 5 cm
without ill.:
8460-7161H*** basalt-grey, R11/B
8461-7161H*** quartz-grey, R11/B
8462-7161H*** sand beige, R11/B
8464-7161H*** white-grey, R11/B

8453-B600HK*** Floor tile
porcelain stoneware, sepia-brown, R10/A
60 x 60 cm
without ill.:
8450-B600HK*** basalt-grey, R10/A
8451-B600HK*** quartz-grey, R10/A
8452-B600HK*** sand beige, R10/A
8454-B600HK*** white-grey, R10/A

8453-B200HK*** Floor tile
porcelain stoneware, sepia-brown, R10/A
30 x 60 cm
without ill.:
8450-B200HK*** basalt-grey, R10/A
8451-B200HK*** quartz-grey, R10/A
8452-B200HK*** sand beige, R10/A
8454-B200HK*** white-grey, R10/A
8460-B200HK*** basalt-grey, R11/B
8461-B200HK*** quartz-grey, R11/B
8462-B200HK*** sand beige, R11/B
8463-B200HK*** sepia-brown, R11/B
8464-B200HK*** white-grey, R11/B

8453-B611HK*** Skirting, cut
porcelain stoneware, sepia-brown
6 x 60 cm
without ill.:
8450-B611HK*** basalt-grey
8451-B611HK*** quartz-grey
8452-B611HK*** sand beige
8454-B611HK*** white-grey
sand beige

8460-61061HK*** Patio tile,
basalt-grey, R11/B
60 x 60 cm
without ill.:
8461-61061HK*** quartz-grey
8462-61061HK*** sand beige

* This tile does not have a Hytect coating as an item in a series with Hytect coating.

** This tile in a series is provided with Protecta upgrading.

*** This tile is rectified, i. e. it can be laid with particularly narrow joints.

**** This ceramic tile has ground edges, i.e. it can be laid in very tight joints while retaining the advantages of rounded edges (hygienic, resilient, easy to lay).

R9, R10, R11 Tiles marked in this way have the respective slip-resistance class.