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Time for inspiration

Mando lends bathrooms a bright and airy ambience reminiscent of sand, driftwood and wind. Matt or glossy white wall tiles in 35 x 100 cm create a clear framework for the Spirit full decor of the same size – in grey-blue matt or cream-cotto matt. Another visual highlight in matching colours: the Cabana strip decor with a wood mix look in 8.45 x 33 cm. All Mando tiles are HT-coated for easy cleaning.

Range of products Mando

353018H**** Wall tile
white matt, smooth
35 x 100 cm

353019H**** Decorative element
Décor Spirit, grey-blue, silky-matt, smooth
Set of 3 tiles
35 x 100 cm

353017H**** Wall tile
white glossy, smooth
35 x 100 cm

353020H**** Decorative element
Décor Spirit, cream-cotto, silky-matt, smooth
Set of 3 tiles
35 x 100 cm
Laying examples

353021H Decoration element Cabana
wood mix, silky-matt, smooth
8,45 x 33 cm
The Cabana strips consciously vary in terms of color. Please combine tiles from several boxes to provide a consistent appearance.

Recommended floor tiles: series Driftwood

* This tile does not have a HT coating as an item in a series with HT coating.

** This tile in a series is provided with Protecta upgrading.

*** This tile is rectified, i. e. it can be laid with particularly narrow joints.

**** This ceramic tile has ground edges, i.e. it can be laid in very tight joints while retaining the advantages of rounded edges (hygienic, resilient, easy to lay).

R9, R10, R11 Tiles marked in this way have the respective slip-resistance class.