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Made in Germany

How to achieve casual elegance

Akazia is convincing through fine textures, elegant optics and pleasant haptics. Laid expansively, the series reveals an elegant look, especially in combination with natural or highlighting colors. Two formats are available in brown mix: 30 x 60 cm with matching skirting and 30 x 90 cm. Laid in a chessboard pattern, the alternating play on colors is shown to its best advantage. A classic appearance is achieved using the Akazia Stripes décor which can be laid across entire areas and picks up on the principle of parquet flooring in 30 x 90 cm – in brown mix or natural mix. All Akazia tiles are Hytect coated and available in R10 and R11/B non-slip safety classes.

Range of products Akazia

brown-mix Stripes
natural-mix Stripes

8530-7161H*** Mosaic
stoneware tiles, brown-mix, R11/B
5 x 5 cm

8520-B200HK*** Floor tile
stoneware tiles, brown-mix, R10
30 x 60 cm
without ill.:
8530-B200HK*** brown-mix, R11/B

8520-B610HK*** Skirting, rounded
stoneware tiles, brown-mix
6 x 60 cm

8520-B690HK*** Floor tile
stoneware tiles, brown-mix, R10
30 x 90 cm
without ill.:
8530-B690HK*** brown-mix, R11/B

8521-B690HK*** Floor tile
stoneware tiles, brown-mix Stripes , R10
30 x 90 cm
without ill.:
8531-B690HK*** brown-mix Stripes, R11/B
8522-B690HK*** natural-mix Stripes, R10
8532-B690HK*** natural-mix Stripes, R11/B

* This tile does not have a Hytect coating as an item in a series with Hytect coating.

** This tile in a series is provided with Protecta upgrading.

*** This tile is rectified, i. e. it can be laid with particularly narrow joints.

**** This ceramic tile has ground edges, i.e. it can be laid in very tight joints while retaining the advantages of rounded edges (hygienic, resilient, easy to lay).

R9, R10, R11 Tiles marked in this way have the respective slip-resistance class.