Agrob Buchtal-Letter | 01/2017
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Paradoxical as it may sound, a unique quality of ceramic tiles resides in their ubiquity. There are not many materials with such a long history and such a pervasive presence in the building environment. Today, for most of us, tiles are everywhere, from subway stations to bathrooms, from swimming pools to façades, from pragmatic usages in places that need durable, easy-to-maintain solutions, to artful applications of decorative patterns which make a lasting impression. This newsletter as well as the new issue of our magazine “about: ceramic tiles” showcase exceptional examples of projects using our products.

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Apartment Bazillion: Warm and cool

In the Bazillion apartment, YCL Studio has drawn a clear line between the day and the night program of this pied-à-terre for two, while simultaneously blurring the conventional division between the ‘wet’ and the ‘dry’ part of a dwelling. The compact apartment, which comprises 45 square meters, is essentially one open space divided into two by a single, ceramic-clad wall. The dwelling is located in a new residential building in the Old Town of Vilnius and has been commissioned by a frequent traveller, who uses it for short stays in the capital of Lithuania.
Swimming complex Svetice: An architectural statement

Not least thanks to picturesque coasts and the Mediterranean climate, water sports are very popular in Croatia. After the economic stagnation in the 1980s / 1990s and the phase of the political upheaval, there was a great backlog demand for appropriate infrastructure buildings for mass and professional sports. That is why new, modern sports swimming baths were built in almost all bigger cities of Croatia in the last years. A current and outstanding example is the sports, leisure and swimming complex Svetice in direct proximity to the Maksimir Park in the eastern part of the centre of the capital Zagreb. There, an architectural statement has been created which is impressive because of its great diversity of utilization, filigree look and design consistency.
Subway station Wutzkyallee: Berlins‘ underground

Subway stations are the kind of functional structures that, from time to time, are being well-designed beyond the needs of their purpose. After all, they advertise their cities – although underground – and are being used by the citizens and tourists likewise. Due to the huge amount of travelers the demand for resilience and low maintenance is also high. With the architectural ceramics system ChromaPlural good design and a high degree of functionality can be equally applied – as the architects EINSNEUNARCHITEKTEN showcase with the example of Wutzkyallee subway station.
Tile Award 2017

For the fourth time, the Tile Award newcomer competition by AGROB BUCHTAL in collaboration with AIT‐Dialog calls upon architects and interior designers under the age of 38 to design new, unconventional and sensational interiors with ceramic tiles. The competition looks for creative and advanced ideas, which illustrate the varied design possibilities the material has to offer. The task of the competition is the (re)design of an interior by using tiles. This year’s topic of the competition is colours and patterns in architecture.
New façade products 2017

In 2017, AGROB BUCHTAL took advantage of the BAU – the leading international fair – to communicate with the respective professional target groups. One focal point was represented by new products for the ceramic façade systems, offering aesthetically high-quality yet functional solutions. The corresponding options were demonstrated at the BAU in the form of building structures to realistic scales, whereby the focus was on the design possibilities offered by digital printing as well as the special effects of three-dimensional formats.
New issue of „about:ceramic tiles“

The new issue #04 of “about: ceramic tiles” showcases both the common and exceptional applications of our products from different parts of the globe, from the Netherlands to Australia, which is this issue's country of focus. Beyond the geographical diversity, it shows the whole range of circumstances in which AGROB BUCHTAL is able to offer bespoke solutions no matter how ordinary or unique the job at hand is. | Contact | Imprint | Data Protection Declaration