Agrob Buchtal-Letter | 03/2016
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The Dutch are renowned for attributing importance to the design of their houses and interiors. This becomes particularly evident when walking through Amsterdam or any other large Dutch city. Even those responsible for public buildings frequently display a good instinct for unusual architecture and the courage to realise it. The Noorderparkbad in Amsterdam and the train station in Zwolle represent just two of many such examples.

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Noorderparkbad: Well-rounded architecture

In Amsterdam, the cardinal directions are commonly used for the names of the city’s districts, parks and pools. Even when the city was hardly larger than its historical core and the rings of canals, there were already four churches named after the cardinal directions. So it wouldn’t come as a surprise that the part of the city on the ‘other’ side of the IJ River is called Amsterdam Noord, and one of its parks the Noorderpark.

Within this park, a new indoor and outdoor pool complex has been built. In line with the undeniable logic of it all, the pool complex is named after the park it is situated in: Noorderparkbad.
Zwolle’s train station: A Dutch canyon

Antelope Canyon and the train station of Zwolle in the Netherlands may seem worlds apart. But for Jeroen Eulderink of Arcadis they aren’t. When he was commissioned to redesign the pedestrian concourse under the platforms and tracks of the Zwolle train station, the captivating canyon in Southwestern Arizona came to mind. Just as Antelope Canyon carves its way through the desert sandstone, the underpass carves its way through the Dutch clay.

In 2017, AGROB BUCHTAL will once again be taking advantage of the BAU – the leading international fair – to communicate with the respective professional target groups. One focal point is represented by facades. Ceramic facade systems by AGROB BUCHTAL offer aesthetically high-quality yet functional solutions. The corresponding options will be demonstrated at the BAU in the form of building structures to realistic scales, whereby the focus will be on the design possibilities offered by digital printing as well as the special effects of three-dimensional formats.
New collection 2016

The comprehensive new collection for private and public spaces offers a wide range of wall and floor tiles of various styles. Tarmac, natural stone surfaces and wood have been contemporarily interpreted and translated perfectly into ceramics.
Great Pools & Spas

The new swimming pool catalogue by AGROB BUCHTAL offers architects, operators and municipalities the complete knowledge about high-quality pool design with ceramic tiles. Numerous pictures and work reports provide inspiration. Displays of systems as well as technologies, detailed and ostensively explained, help in the planning process. Suitable for experienced swimming pool planners as well as those who want to get there. | Contact | Imprint | Data Protection Declaration