This conclusive colour system has been developed for complex design requirements in all fields of architectural ceramics. 50 colours matched to one another and a modular system of 29 formats – 15 decimal and 14 octametric ones – permit a varied and comprehensive design of wall and floor surfaces – from the swimming pool to sanitary and wellness rooms and on to semi-domestic and public areas.


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Color system

  "It’s about shades which
accompany architectures."
[ Peter Zoernack, color designer ]
  In the service of architecture: the dimensions of color  
ChromaPlural was specially developed for complex design
requirements. Its conclusive UNICOLOR color system looks
far beyond mere imitations of conventional color standards
such as RAL or NCS. Ten ranges of colors form a color circle
comprising 50 co-ordinated shades. Six color spheres illustrate
various color nuances and areas of application.
UNICOLOR therefore offers architects and planners an elaborate
instrument for color design. The carefully composed
range of colors offered by ChromaPlural permits flowing and
harmonious transitions, designs across rooms, and is entirely
in the service of architecture. Although form and material
are emphasised by the graded UNICOLOR colors, they are
not overshadowed.
  Collage with all colors and sizes  
  Design: VSBL, Belgrad, Serbien